Why bottled water is better for you to drink

Since childhood, we have been made aware of the importance of water consumption for our health. We learned in school, for example, that about 70% of the human body is composed of water. Water acts on the regulation of body temperature, digestion, and transport of nutrients, the operation of the brain activity, the performance of the nervous system… in short, in the functioning of all systems of our body. We are also aware that because it is such an important element and that it has so many functions, it must be constantly replaced; after all, only with the breath, urine, evacuation, and salivation, we lose about 1.8 liters of water per day! So to keep the body healthy, we need to consume water!

But which water should we consume?

Bottled water is a practical solution to keep the body always hydrated and offers more safety for our health because it is free of microorganisms that can contaminate it. Bottled water unites the benefits of water with the functionality of salts, essential for the health, beauty, and well-being of the body. Bottled mineral water is considered beneficial to health by its chemical composition. The mineral waters are classified according to the chemical composition, the gases present and the temperature. Beautiful skin, the smile on face and healthy body.

With a thousand and one utility, water does more than moisturizing. In general, it is responsible for the balance and proper functioning of the body. If the water is bottled, better still: with each gulp, you also take advantage of the inorganic salts that can aid in several questions, from the decrease of the stress to the combat of free radicals. A good alternative to enhance the contribution of water to maintaining good health is the consumption of bottled mineral water. The mineral water comes from natural or artificial collected sources. It has the chemical composition and physical-chemical properties different from the waters we normally take. This causes it to have therapy action and restore important minerals to our body. Learn about some of the benefits of bottled mineral water:

1) Leaves skin more beautiful -Promotes revitalization of the cells and mucous membranes

On the skin, this results in a hydration from the inside out. Therefore, it is the cheapest and most effective method of preventing dryness and peeling. • Detoxifies the body – It aids in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection, as water stimulates the functioning of the kidneys and bladder, which helps to “clean” the urinary tract. It also aids in breathing as it dilutes the mucus, which facilitates the expectoration of laying waste.

2) Helps to lose weight – In addition to reducing fluid retention as it puts the kidneys to work, water also brings a feeling of satiety. Thus, drink two or three glasses before a meal helps control appetite. Not to mention that it has no calories.

3) Maintains a good mood because it contains minerals, such as magnesium, that help to reduce stress; • It softens cellulite and stretch marks because it improves blood circulation;

4) It gives more disposition because it intensifies the transport of minerals and oxygen in the body;

5) Improves concentration and memory because it is essential in the production of neurotransmitters that help brain processes;

6) Regulates body temperature – During physical exercises or when the weather is very hot, the body’s water is released by sweating to regulate the temperature and prevent our body from overheating or abrupt thermal changes;

7) Absorption and transport of nutrients – Water helps in the absorption of nutrients and glucose. In addition, the liquid helps in transporting these substances through the bloodstream; Without a doubt, bottled water is the best option to hydrate your body wherever you go.